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Delta Sigma Pi was founded on ideals of excellence and inclusion, and our outstanding members from all backgrounds continue to make us America’s best business fraternity today. 

In the 2014, Spring Semester, Professor Jay Brandi reached out to the past President, Stacia Bivens, about starting up a Delta Sigma Pi Colony at the University of Louisville. He explained how there was a colony active many years ago, but it never got past the colonization process and him, being an alumni of Delta Sigma Pi, wanted to see a chapter established at the University. 

On April 10, 2014, the first informal interest meeting of the Delta Sigma Pi Colony at the University of Louisville was hosted by Stacia Bivens. About forty students came to this interest meeting to hear more about Delta Sigma Pi and what the fraternity had to offer. Officers were elected and various meetings were held throughout the summer to plan for the future semesters and colonization process. The Louisville Colony of Delta Sigma Pi was approved as a recognized student organization (RSO) at the University of Louisville and was able to begin regular meetings and activities. 

Finally, a year later on April 11, 2015, Tau Upsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was established at the University of Louisville. We are still growing as a chapter, and are looking for motivated and goal-driven Business Students to pledge our Professional Fraternity.


Hannah Parker 


Hannah is a senior CIS and Marketing double major.

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Claire Puffer 

Senior Vice President

Claire is a sophomore Marketing major with a minor in both Entrepreneurship and CIS.

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Vice President of Pledge Education

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Lexi Whitfield

Vice President of Finance

Lexi is a junior Finance major.

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Clara Baggett 

Vice President of Chapter Operations

Clara is a senior Marketing major.

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William Baird 


William is a sophomore Accounting major. 

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Vice President of Professional Activities

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Elizabeth Howard

Vice President of Community Service 

Elizabeth is a sophomore with a major in both Accounting and CIS.

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Sally Mercer

Vice President of Scholarship and Awards

Sally is a junior Finance major with a minor in Econ. 

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Vice President of Alumni Relations

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